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(Name) has been promoted to Big Sister  

A Sister is a forever friend  

A sister is a special kind of friend  

Celebration of Sisters  

Chance made us sisters hearts made us friends  

Double Trouble  

God made you my sister, Love made you my friend.

I love my sister

Just Like Big Sister  

Life made us Friends, God Made us Sisters  

My Sister, My Friend?  

Of all the Things That I've to Play, I'd Choose my sister  Any Day  

SIS = Simply Incredible Sister

Sisters by chance, Friends by choice  

Sister Act  

Sister and Friend two words that mean the same  


Sisters - Gotta Love 'Em!  

Sisters  are the Best Kind of Friends  

Sisters are blossoms in the garden of life  

Sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life  

Sisters are two different flowers from the same garden   

Sisters are joined, Heart to Heart! 

Sisters make the best friends  

Sisters Share a love tied with heartstrings  

Sisters share a Special Friendship that lasts a lifetime  

Sisters together  

Sisters together heart to heart  

Twice blessed  

Two Peas in a Pod!  

What a Pair!  



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