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Friends Never Steer 
You Wrong!


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An udder day in paradise

Black and white is always an appropriate fashion statement.

Country Mooosic

Cow Country....Watch your step!

Deja Moo!

Don't I Look Moo-velous!

Families are for-"heifer"

Fresh Milk

Friends for-"heifer"

Friends Never Steer You Wrong!

Good moos travels fast.

Holy Cow!

Home is where the herd is.

I Love Cows

I Love Milk

Kitchen closed 'cause I'm not in the moooo-d to cook!

Manure happens!

Me and my "udder" half 

Moo Kids on the block


MooS Flash!

Mooooo-ve out of my way!

Moo-y Christmas

Overworked and "Udder" paid!

Precious Mooments

Spring Brings Udder Joy!

Tomorrow is an udder day

Turn the udder cheek and moooo-ve on.

Udder chaos lives here!

Udder delite

Udderly Amazing!

Udderly Adorable !

Wake up in a happy mooooood!

Welcome to udder chaos!

We're Lucky to Have Each Udder


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