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Sayings for Angels

Angels can't be everywhere, so God created Mothers.


Earthly angels are mothers in disguise.

An angelís work is never done.

Angels -  Donít leave home without them!

Angels are Gods way of taking care of us.

Children are Angels with Crooked Halos  

Angels are watching over you.

Angels donít worry they believe!

Angels from up above Please protect those we love.

Angels gather here.

Don't run faster than your guardian angel can fly!

Shh -- Angel Sleeping  

Fly with the angels -  Dance with the stars!

God can't be everywhere - so He created Angels

Angels help you find the courage to do whatever you were meant to do.

Angels lend us their wings so we may find our way home.

Angels light the way.

Grandparents are Angels in disguise.  

Angels on duty.

This Is How An Angel Sleeps

Grandma's are down to earth angels.

Grandma's are angels in disguise.

Goodnight sleep tight, may the angels keep you through the night.

Garden Angels bring the flowers.

I'm No Angel  

Listen for the Angels.

Light fades, stars appear, evening angels gather here

An angel in your pocket.. "will keep troubles far away".

Babies are little angels.

Your the Angel that raises my spirits.



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