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Enjoy the Thanksgiving Words

Happy Thanksgiving

A Day of Thanks  

A Time for Giving Thanks  

Bless this Food  

Bless those gathered in this place, with thankful hearts and gifts of grace.  

Bunch of Turkeys  

Bushel Of Blessings  

Canning Our Bounty  

Cornucopia of Blessings  

Count Your Blessings  

Family & Turkey & Football ... Oh My!  

Family and Food  

Family Traditions  

Feast with the Pilgrims  

Friends, Family, Food, and FOOTBALL!  

Give Thanks  

Giving Thanks  

Gobble! Gobble!  

Harvest Delight  

Have a good fall, y'all  

Horn of Plenty  

I Can't believe I ate the whole thing  

I'm Thankful For ....  

It's Turkey Time!  

Let us Give Thanks  

May the bounty of the season fill your heart and home.    

Nap Time  

O, the Lord's been good to me  

On Thanksgiving Day all over America, families sit down to dinner at the same moment--halftime!  

Over the River & Through the Woods  

Over the River and Through the Woods  

Pilgrims and Indians Remembered  

Pilgrim's Pride  

Pilgrim's Progress  

Pumpkin Pie  

Sharing the Food  

Sharing the Harvest  

So much to be thankful for  

Take time to be thankful  

Thanks for the Giving  


Thanksgiving Bounty  

Thanksgiving Day  

Thanksgiving is for all Creatures Great & Small 

Thanksgiving Time  

Thanksgiving Traditions  

The Feast  

The Turkeys Play On Thanksgiving Day  

There shall be showers of blessings.  

Ton's of Turkey  

True Family Gathering  

Turkey and Dressing  

Turkey and Family Trimmings  

Turkey Day!  

Turkey in the Straw  

Turkey Time  

Turkey Tunes  

Turkey Tunes and Holiday Wishes  

Turkey, Dressing and Pumpkin Pie  

We Are Gathered Here...  

We are Thankful For...  

We Gather Together  

We gather together to ask the Lord's blessings. 

We Give Thanks  

What a Bunch of Turkeys!  

What We Are Thankful For:  



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